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Once you have signed up for a free Business Account, you’ll be able to access great business features right away: customers can offer a Store Voucher right from our App Gift Store and pay in your Store with Litt Pay.

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Step one.

Create a LITT App Profile

Download the LITT App to start generating engaging content, connecting with your relevant audiences.

There is no need for you to create a new Account: simply use your Business login details to begin your journey on the LITT App!

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Step two.

Advertise your Store and promote live deals to your local audience!

Creating your first ads or deals is fast and easy. And you only pay for real interactions as ad impressions are free.

Choose between In-Feed Ads, Push Notification Ads or AR Ads to capture revenue with a local marketing campaign that works for you.

Boost brand awareness and drive foot traffic to your Store!

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Step three.

Amazing LITT Business Features You’ll Love

Whether it’s gaining new customers, promoting your brand or generating more revenue, the tools for success are at your fingertips.

LITT Feed Ads

The cool feature that users will interact with daily on the app. They will be rewarded with LITT Cash when they watch Ads on their Social Feed. It’s a great way to effectively boost your Brand Awareness.

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Push Notification Ads

They allow users to grab your Live Deals & Giveaways based on their location. It’s highly targeted and effectively attracts live foot traffic to your Store.

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AR Ads

It’s a Push Notification Ad with an Augmented Reality experience for users. They will see AR ads through their camera, which they can then interact with live as they go to your Store.

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LITT Store Vouchers

Gift Store Vouchers can be purchased and given to friends for them to spend at your Store. Users can even send the gift instantly or at a specific date.

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The LITT Wallet contains the cash users have earnt by watching ads on their Feed, by answering surveys or by winning competitions. LITT Cash is securely contained with our platform. Users can use their Litt Wallet to purchase Store Vouchers or to pay in-Store.

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