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Experience the future of Social Media advertising, today.

LITT Feed Ads

Everybody hates ads. But what if people were rewarded to watch them? We would never click ‘skip’ again! It’s hard to believe, but that’s exactly what LITT Feed Ads offers. A LITT user scrolling through their social feed WILL stop to watch your ad, earning LITT Cash in return. You will see not only brand exposure but a direct return on your investments. LITT App users in your area will also be able to spend the LITT Cash they’ve earnt in your store!

  • Create ads people will want to watch

  • Increase foot-traffic and in-store sales

screenshot of the litt app on a mobile screen, surf shop voucher
screenshot of the litt app on a mobile screen, watch and earn

Push Notification Ads

We don’t want LITT users to miss out on special deals and giveaways. Push Notification Ad Campaigns allow you to send ads straight to followers so that they see it on their lock screen. Potential customers can receive updates when they have left the app.

  • Notify your consumer base of promo deals and giveaways

  • Attract online followers to your store

AR Ads

While in the AR experience, users will see LITT ads when they access their camera. They can then interact with deals and promotions they find. Create an AR ad campaign to experience this innovative way of advertising.

  • Create immersive ad campaigns

  • Get creative with our Online Merchant Platform and a large library of 3D images.

screenshot of the litt app on a mobile screen, AR object

Achieve your goals with LITT

Easily set your business goals on our Business Manager Platform and keep track of them as you progress with our analysis features.

Business Goals

Go above and beyond with LITT. Reach your goals by setting the budget that’s right for you and create ads that will engage a wide audience.

Audience Targeting

Attract your relevant target market through location based technology. Keep track of important statistics through business insights that will allow you to see who is interacting with your content.

Ads Manager

Create an ad campaign that will engage your relevant target audience. Through the Business Platform, ads can be easily managed in one place. You can view the analytics behind each ad to track the success and user interactions of your campaigns.

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