As a society, we are beginning to realise the disconnect that Social Media platforms often cause. But here at LITT, our motto is to live in the moment.

We bring together people, communities, brands and local merchants – a secure and private place where users can interact with the online world while simultaneously being immersed in the real world around them, with direct exposure to local businesses.

We know that people hate ads. That’s why we’ve created advertising and mobile commerce solutions that are anything but spam or boring. They are fully integrated into our user’s everyday lives:

  • Our In-Feed ads reward users with LITT Cash while positively boosting your brand’s awareness

  • Our Push Notification and AR ads promote relevant deals and target users live when they are near your store

  • Our AR ads make advertising fun again. A game-changer in the industry!

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Our Audience

Our users come in search of engaging content and exciting opportunities. We have created an app that fits into their day to day life and helps them get the most out of it.

Whether it be watching rewarding ads, posting content, catching live deals in augmented reality or buying cool gifts for their friends. LITT allows the young crowd to express the moment and live life!

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With a LITT Business Account, you get more than a business listing. Your free Store Voucher and LITT Pay let you easily connect with local customers on the mobile app.

  • Target a younger demographic (main demographic being 18-30)

  • Gain exposure and increase brand awareness

  • Attract LITT customers and drive foot traffic for free

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